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Other (13 Mar 1994)
On March 13, elections were held to elect a new congress and a popular consultation was held.


Local Elections (27 Feb 1994)
On February 27, Local Elections were held.

Costa Rica

General elections (06 Feb 1994)
The General Elections of Costa Rica in 1994 were held on Sunday, February 6, 1994, to elect the President, Vice President and the 57 Deputies in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.


Plebiscite (30 Jan 1994)


General elections (11 Dec 1993)
The General Election was held on December 11, 1993.


General elections (05 Dec 1993)
The 1993 Venezuelan Presidential Elections were held on Sunday, December 5, 1993, in conjunction with the Parliamentary Elections.


General elections (28 Nov 1993)
General Elections of Honduras were held on Sunday, November 28, 1993. In them, the holders of the popularly elected offices of the Republic of Honduras were renewed, these are: President of Honduras: 128 Deputies to the Congress of Honduras, the 20 Deputies to the Central American Parliament, 292 Mayors and 292 Vice mayors.


Local Elections (03 Oct 1993)
Municipal Elections were held in Avellaneda along with the national legislative elections. In these elections, half of the members of the Avellaneda Deliberative Council and School Board who were elected in the 1989 municipal elections in Avellaneda were renewed.


General elections (06 Jun 1993)
The Bolivian General Elections of 1993 were held on Sunday, June 6, 1993.


Local Elections (09 May 1993)
Municipal Elections were held on May 9, 1993.