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Dominican Republic

General elections (16 May 1990)
General elections were held in the Dominican Republic on 16 May 1990.


General elections (08 Apr 1990)
The 1990 Peruvian General Elections were held between Sunday, April 8 of that year to elect the President of the Republic, the 180 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and the 60 seats in the Senate, which would make up the Congress of the Republic of Peru for the 1990-1995 term.


General elections (25 Feb 1990)
General Elections of Nicaragua were held on February 25, 1990 to elect the President of the Republic and the 92 members of the National Assembly of Nicaragua.

Costa Rica

General elections (04 Feb 1990)
General Elections were held on February 4, during which the President, Vice President and 57 Deputies in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica were elected.


General elections (17 Dec 1989)
The General Elections were held in Brazil on Wednesday 15 November 1989 and the second round on Sunday 17 December of the same year.


Presidential election (14 Dec 1989)
The 1989 Presidential Election in Chile was held in parallel with the Parliamentary Elections.


Local Elections (03 Dec 1989)


Local Elections (03 Dec 1989)
Venezuela's 1989 Regional Elections were held on Sunday, December 3, 1989. These were the first elections to directly elect the governors of the federal entities of that country.


General elections (26 Nov 1989)
The General Elections of Uruguay for the period 1990-1995 were held on Sunday, November 26, 1989.


General elections (26 Nov 1989)
General Elections of Honduras in 1989 were held on Sunday, November 26, 1989. In them, the holders of the popularly elected offices of the Republic of Honduras were renewed, these are: President, 128 Deputies to the Congress of Honduras, 20 Deputies to the Central American Parliament, 298 Mayors and 298 Vice mayors, as well as 2092 Aldermen.