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Presidential election (15 Nov 1989)
The Presidential Elections were held in Brazil on Wednesday 15 November 1989 and the second round on Sunday 17 December of the same year.


Local Elections (12 Nov 1989)
The 1989 Municipal Elections were held on Sunday, November 12 and served to elect the Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, as well as the ayors and Councilors of the provincial and district municipalities.


Local Elections (05 Nov 1989)
Municipal elections were held on November 5, 1989.


General elections (14 May 1989)
The 1989 General Elections in Argentina were held on Sunday, May 14.


General elections (07 May 1989)
The Bolivian General Elections of 1989 were held on Sunday, May 7, 1989.


General elections (01 May 1989)
Early general elections were held in Paraguay on 1 May 1989.

El Salvador

Presidential election (19 Mar 1989)
Presidential Elections were held in El Salvador on 19 March 1989.


Other (04 Dec 1988)
Internal elections of the Liberal and National Parties were held on December 4, 1988.


Plebiscite (05 Oct 1988)
The 1988 Chilean national plebiscite was a referendum held in that country on Wednesday, October 5, 1988, during the military dictatorship. In application of the transitional provisions (27 to 29) of the 1980 Political Constitution, this plebiscite was held to decide whether or not Augusto Pinochet would remain in power until March 11, 1997.


Presidential Second Round (08 May 1988)
The second round of the Presidential Election was held on Sunday, May 8 of the same year.