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El Salvador

Presidential election (03 Feb 2019)
Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 3 February 2019, with voters electing a President and Vice President for a five-year term.


Primary elections (27 Jan 2019)
The 2019 Bolivian Primary Elections were held on January 27, 2019 to elect the candidates for President and Vicepresident of the Plurinational State for the governmental period 2020-2025.


Second Round General (28 Oct 2018)
The second round was held on October 28, 2018.


Presidential election (07 Oct 2018)
General Elections were held in Brazil since October 7, 2018, as a first round, to elect the President and Vice President, as well as the National Congress, State Governors and Vice Governors, State Legislative Assemblies and the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District.


Local Elections (07 Oct 2018)
Municipal and regional elections were held in Peru on 7 October 2018. In the election, Peruvians voted for governors, vice governors and regional councilors at a regional level while at a municipal level, citizens voted for mayors and municipal councilors. Those elected took office 1 January 2019 and presumably serve their term until 31 December 2022.


Other (26 Aug 2018)
A Referendum on anti-corruption measures was held in Colombia on 26 August 2018. Voters were asked whether they approve of seven proposals aimed at reducing corruption: limiting the number of terms for politicians at all levels to three; requiring election candidates disclose their assets and those of their relatives; elected politicians being required to disclose their activities and private interests; a requirement for public hearings on budgets; a requirement for all public sector contracts to go out to tender; the removal of the right to parole for people convicted of corruption; and reducing the maximum salary of public officials and politicians from forty times the minimum wage to twenty-five times.


General elections (01 Jul 2018)
El 1 de julio de 2018 se celebraron Elecciones Generales en México. Los votantes eligieron a un nuevo Presidente de México, a 128 miembros del Senado y a 500 miembros de la Cámara de Diputados. Fue una de las mayores jornadas electorales de la historia de México, ya que la mayoría de los estados del país celebraron elecciones estatales y locales el mismo día, incluidas nueve gubernaturas, con más de 3.400 cargos sujetos a elecciones en todos los niveles de gobierno.


Presidential Second Round (17 Jun 2018)
The second round of elections was held on Sunday, June 17, 2018.


Presidential election (27 May 2018)
Presidential Elections were held in Colombia on 27 May 2018.


General elections (22 Apr 2018)
The General Elections of 28 April 2018 saw the election of the resident, viVce-president, 45 Senators (plus 30 alternates), 80 Deputies (plus 80 subsitutes), 17 Governors, 17 Departmental boards and the 18 Members of the Mercosur Parliament (plus 18 substitutes).