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General elections (10 Apr 2016)
The 2016 General Elections of Peru were held on April 10, 2016, to elect the President of the Republic, two Vice Presidents of the Republic, 130 Congressmen of the Republic and 5 Andean Parliamentarians for the 2016-2021 governmental period. On April 10 of this year, 130 congressmen of the Republic were elected in 26 electoral districts, corresponding to: the 24 departments, Lima Provinces and the Constitutional Province of Callao.


Referendum (21 Feb 2016)
The Bolivian Constitutional Referendum of 2016 that took place on Sunday, February 21, which was the approval or rejection of the project of constitutional modification to allow the President or Vice-president of the Bolivian State to run for re-election. Teh question was: "Do you agree with the reform of Article 168 of the Political Constitution of the State so that the president and vice president of the State can be reelected or re-elected twice continuously? - By transitory disposition of the Law of Partial Reform of the Political Constitution of the State, the period 2015-2020 is considered as the first reelection and the second reelection in 2020-2025".

Costa Rica

Local Elections (07 Feb 2016)
Municipal Elections were held in Costa Rica on 7 February 2016, in order to elect the Mayors of the 81 cantons of the country plus a proportional number of aldermen (Regidores) in each of the canton’s municipal councils, a Syndic for every district and Members of the District Councils and a total of 8 Intendants for districts and islands located too far away from the administrative center.


Local Elections (15 Nov 2015)
Paraguay's 2015 Municipal Elections were held on Sunday 15 November. In each district a mayor and municipal or citizen boards were elected according to their population. They were held in each of the country's 250 districts located in each of the departments and in the country's capital.


Presidential Second Round (25 Oct 2015)
The second round of the Presidential Elections was held on October 25, 2015.


Local Elections (25 Oct 2015)
Local authority elections


General elections (06 Sep 2015)
General Elections were held in Guatemala on 6 September 2015 to elect the President and Vice President, all 158 Congress Deputies, all 20 Deputies to the Central American Parliament, and Mayors and Councils for all 338 municipalities in the country.


Other (26 Jul 2015)
Internal Political Party Elections were held on 26 July 2015.


Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (07 Jun 2015)
Intermediate Elections were held in Mexico on June 7, 2015 for the election of 500 members of the chamber of federal deputies. Due to the 2014 electoral reform, in these elections, federal and local offices were elected simultaneously in 17 entities of the country.


Local Elections (10 May 2015)
An Accompaniment Mission for the Municipal Elections in Uruguay took place on 10 May 2015.