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Local Elections (29 Mar 2015)
Regional Elections Bolivia's 2015 sub-national elections were held on March 29. Departmental and municipal authorities were elected:
  • Governors of Bolivia's nine departments.
  • Members of the Departmental Legislative Assemblies in each of these departments; 23 seats in these assemblies represent indigenous communities, and have been selected by custom in the weeks prior to the election.
  • Mayors and councillors in the 339 municipalities.
  • Deputy provincial governors and municipal corregidores (executive authorities) in Beni.
  • Sectional development executives in the Department of Tarija.
  • The nine members of the Regional Assembly in the Gran Chaco Autonomous Region.

El Salvador

Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (01 Mar 2015)
Legislative Elections were held in El Salvador on 1 March 2015 to choose 84 members of the Legislative Assembly, 20 members of the Central American Parliament and 262 mayors.


General elections (26 Oct 2014)
An Accompaniment Mission for the Presidential and Legislative Elections in Uruguay took place on 26 October 2014.


General elections (12 Oct 2014)
The 2014 Presidential Elections in Bolivia were held on 12 October.


Local Elections (05 Oct 2014)
The 2014 Regional and Municipal Elections of Peru were held on Sunday, October 5, 2014 throughout the national territory, in these elections the regional and local authorities were elected for the period 2015-2018. 25 Regional Presidents 195 Provincial Mayors 1643 District Mayors In these elections, electronic voting was used in five districts of Metropolitan Lima, one district of Callao and one district of Cañete.


Presidential Second Round (15 Jun 2014)
The 2014 Colombian Presidential runoff elections took place on June 15, 2014.

Antigua and Barbuda

General elections (12 Jun 2014)
General Elections were held on June 12, 2014.


Presidential election (25 May 2014)
First round of Colombia's 2014 Presidential Elections took place on Sunday, May 25, 2014.


General elections (04 May 2014)
The 2014 General Elections in Panama were held on Sunday 4 May. In this election, 1648 popularly elected positions were elected, including those of President and Vice-President of the Republic, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament, 71 eputies to the National Assembly, 77 Mayors, 648 Township Representatives, and 7 Councillors, all with their respective alternates.

Costa Rica

Presidential Second Round (06 Apr 2014)
The second round of the Presidential Elections was held on April 6, 2014.