Within the framework of the meeting held in September 1985, in the city of Tikal, Guatemala, the representatives of the electoral bodies of Central America and the Caribbean decided to constitute the Association of Electoral Bodies. Since then, and hand and in hand with technical cooperation, electoral observation has been one of the bastions of this Association and practiced with intensity and progressiveness up to the present day.

On October 22, 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela, a group of enthusiastic democracy professionals from Latin America, following the same line as the Association of Electoral Bodies, decided to found the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE), a non-governmental organization that brings together all the electoral bodies of the Americas. Its fundamental principle is faith in democracy and actively exchanges and promotes international cooperation in favor of a representative democracy, and free, universal and secret voting, which we see reflected in a positive evolution of our efficient electoral systems.

The signatories of this Constitutive Act were the following Electoral Bodies:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Elections Office (Elections Office)
  2. National Chamber of Elections of Argentina
  3. National Electoral Court of Bolivia
  4. Superior Electoral Tribunal of Brazil
  5. National Electoral Council of Colombia
  6. National Civil Registry of Colombia
  7. Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica
  8. Electoral Service of Chile
  9. Election Qualifying Tribunal of Chile
  10. Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Ecuador
  11. Central Electoral Council of El Salvador
  12. Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala
  13. National Tribunal of Elections of Honduras
  14. Electoral Advisor Committee of Jamaica (Electoral Advisor Committee)
  15. Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua
  16. Electoral Tribunal of Panama
  17. National Electoral Jury of Peru
  18. Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic
  19. Electoral Office of Saint Lucia
  20. Electoral Court of Uruguay

To date, UNIORE has carried out more than 320 election observation missions.