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Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (06 Jun 2021)
Legislative elections were held in Mexico on 6 June 2021. Mexican citizens voted to choose 500 representatives to the Federal Chamber of Deputies; 1,063 councils; 1,923 municipal presidencies; 2,057 receiverships; 14,222 regidurías; 204 councilors and in addition to the presidencies of 22 municipal boards, 22 syndicates, 88 councilors and 299 community presidents.


General elections (06 Jun 2021)
(Second round) The presidential election will determine the President and the Vice Presidents. Eighteen candidates participated in the presidential election, the highest number of candidates since the 2006 Peruvian general election.


General elections (11 Apr 2021)
The Peruvian General Elections were held on April 11, 2021, during which 138 positions in the executive and legislative branches of government were elected:
  • President(a);
  • 2 Vice-Presidents;
  • 130 Congressmen; and
  • 5 Andean parliamentarians for the governmental period 2021-2026.


Presidential Second Round (11 Apr 2021)
The second round of the Presidential Election will be held on April 11, 2021, in the event that neither of the above two assumptions is fulfilled, the contest will be between the two presidential candidacies with the highest number of votes.


Primary elections (14 Mar 2021)
The Primary Elections were held on March 14 with the participation of three of the fourteen legally registered parties, while the general elections were held in November 2021.


Local Elections (07 Mar 2021)
The Bolivian Subnational Elections of 2021, also known as Bolivian Departmental, Regional and Municipal Elections of 2021, were held on March 7 in order to democratically elect the Governors of the 9 departments that make up Bolivia as well as the Mayors of the 336 municipalities that make up the country.

El Salvador

Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (28 Feb 2021)
On February 28, 2021 the elections for the Central American Parliament, the Legislative Assembly and for the Municipal Councils will be held, on that day Salvadorans are called to distribute 3,200 public positions: 262 mayors, 262 trustees, 1420 proprietary aldermen and 1048 alternate aldermen;
84 proprietary deputies and 84 alternates to the Legislative Assembly;
20 male and female deputies and 20 alternates to the Central American Parliament.

El Salvador

Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (28 Feb 2021)
Legislative elections were held in El Salvador in 2021 to elect the 84 members of the Legislative Assembly and 262 mayors.


General elections (07 Feb 2021)
In the General Elections held on Sunday, February 7, 177 incumbent positions in the executive and legislative branches were elected:
  • President and Vice President (four-year term);
  • 137 assembly members: 15 national, 116 provincial and 6 from abroad (four-year term);
  • 5 Andean parliamentarians (five-year term).


Plebiscite (25 Oct 2020)
The 2020 Chilean ational Plebiscite, officially called Plebiscito Nacional 2020, is a referendum initially called for April 26, 2020 and subsequently set for October 25, 2020, to determine whether or not the citizenry agrees with initiating a constituent process to draft a new Constitution and to determine the mechanism for such process.
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