Primary and Internal Elections of the Political Parties of Honduras

Primary and Internal Elections of the Political Parties of Honduras

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On March 14, the Primary and Internal Elections of the Political Parties of Honduras were held, where a total of 4 million 842 thousand 117 Hondurans were summoned to elect the candidates from a total of 3,204 positions for: President or President, 3 appointed / appointed to the Vice Presidency, 298 Municipal Corporations (Mayor or Mayor, Vice Mayor or Vice Mayor and their respective Councilors or Councilors), 128 deputies to the Congress of Honduras and 128 alternates, as well as 20 deputies to Parliament Central American.

The observation mission of the UNIORE was carried out between March 11 and 14 for these Primary and Internal Elections of the Political Parties and was made up of a total of 21 representatives of the electoral authorities of the members of the organization, from eight countries. : from Bolivia (from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Salvador Romero Ballivián, President, María Angélica Vaca Diez, Vice President, and Isabel Romero, Official); from Brazil (from the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), José Gilberto Scandiucci, International Relations Advisor); from Colombia (from the National Registry of Civil Status (RNEC), Patricia Rico Rojas, Departmental Delegate of Valle del Cauca, Yaneth Noguera Ramos, Departmental Delegate of Cauca, and José Duarte from the Atlántico Delegation); from Ecuador (from the National Electoral Council (CNE), Christian Solís, Head of the Office of the Vice President and Valeria Granda, Advisor to the Presidency); from Paraguay (from the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), Fabricio Rossel, Deputy Director of Human Resources, and Gerardo Morales, Director of the Electoral Technical Advisory Unit); from Puerto Rico (from the State Elections Commission (CEE), Jessika Padilla Rivera, Alternate Presiding Judge); from the Dominican Republic (from the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Román Jáquez Liranzo, President, Patricia Lorenzo, member, Denny Díaz Mordán, Legal Consultant, Marcos Cruz, President and Santiago Sosa, Magistrate); and from Uruguay (from the Electoral Court, Martina Campos, Legal Secretary).

On behalf of the UNIORE Executive Secretariat, the following participated: Sofía Vincenzi Guilá, Operations Coordinator, Tasheena Obando, Consultant, and Andrea Tercero, also Consultant of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights-Center for Electoral Training and Participation (IIDH-CAPEL). After attending the opening ceremony of the election day on March 14, the members of the UNIORE Mission visited a total of 28 voting centers in the city of Tegucigalpa, for which the Mission was divided into four observation routes .