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Costa Rica

General elections (02 Feb 1986)
General Elections were held on February 2, during which the President, Vice President and 57 Deputies in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica were elected.


Presidential Second Round (12 Dec 1985)
The second round of the 1985 Presidential Election was held on Sunday, December 12 of the same year.


General elections (24 Nov 1985)
General Elections of Honduras in 1985 were held on Sunday, November 24, 1985. In them, the holders of the popularly elected offices of the Republic of Honduras were renewed, these are: President of Honduras, the 134 eputies to the Congress of Honduras and 298 Mayors and 298 Vice mayors, as well as 2092 Aldermen.


General elections (03 Nov 1985)
On Sunday, November 3, 1985, General Elections were held in Guatemala to elect the new President and Vice-president of the republic, as well as 100 Deputies of the Congress and 327 Municipal Mayors.


Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (03 Nov 1985)
Elections to renew one third of the Chamber of Deputies.


General elections (14 Jul 1985)
General Elections were held in Bolivia on Sunday, July 14, 1985 to elect the President of the Republic and the Senators and Representatives of the National Congress.


General elections (14 Apr 1985)
General Elections were held in Peru on 14 April 1985 to elect the President and both houses of the Congress.

El Salvador

Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (31 Mar 1985)
Legislative Elections were held in El Salvador on 31 March 1985.

El Salvador

Local Elections (31 Mar 1985)
On March 31, 1985 Municipal Elections were held in El Salvador.