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Presidential election (27 Oct 2019)
On Sunday, October 27, the 2019 Presidential Elections in Argentina were held in accordance with the provisions of the national Constitution and electoral laws. In addition to electing President and Vice-president, Argentines elected 130 national Deputies and 24 national Senators. Executive and legislative authorities were also elected in three provinces and in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.


Presidential election (20 Oct 2019)
The 2019 General Elections in Bolivia were held on October 20, 2019, to elect the president and Vice-president of the Plurinational State for the 2020-2025 governmental period.

Dominican Republic

Primary elections (06 Oct 2019)
On Sunday, October 6, the Simultaneous Primary Elections were held in the Dominican Republic, under the provisions of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), in which the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the country's two main parties, chose their candidates for next year's general elections. These were the first elections held under the provisions of the Political Parties Law sanctioned in August 2018, in which each party and political movement decides internally the form of election of its candidates and the electoral roll to be used, and the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime approved on February 12 of the same year, which enables the automated voting used last Sunday.


Presidential Second Round (11 Aug 2019)
The second round of the Presidential Elections was held on August 11, 2019.


Primary elections (11 Aug 2019)
On Sunday, August 11, the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primary Elections were held throughout the country.


Primary elections (30 Jun 2019)
Presidential primary elections were held in Uruguay on 30 June 2019 in order to nominate the presidential candidate for every political party.


General elections (16 Jun 2019)
General elections were held in Guatemala on June 16, 2019, to elect the President, Congress and Local Councils.


General elections (05 May 2019)
The 2019 General Elections in Panama were held on 5 May 2019. In these elections, the President and Vice-president of the Republic, Deputies to the Central American Parliament, Deputies to the National Assembly, Mayors, Township Representatives and Councillors were elected, all with their respective alternates.


Local Elections (24 Mar 2019)
The Ecuadorian Sectional Elections of 2019 were held on March 24, 2019 to appoint: 23 Prefects, 23 Vice-prefects, 221 Mayors, 867 Urban Councilors, 438 Rural Councilors, 4,089 principal members of parish boards, in parallel, the Elections of the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control of Ecuador of 2019 were held. A total of 11,069 authorities will be elected, including principal and alternates (in the case of Councilors, board members and Councilors of the CPCCS).

El Salvador

Presidential election (03 Feb 2019)
Presidential Elections were held in El Salvador on 3 February 2019.