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General elections (09 May 1993)
In the General Elections held on 9 May 1993, President, Vice-president, Senators, Deputies and Departmental Governors were elected.


Referendum (15 Nov 1992)
A constitutional referendum was held in Panama on November 15, 1992. Voters were asked whether they approved of a series of amendments to the 1972 Constitution, including reducing the power of the armed forces.


Presidential Second Round (05 Jul 1992)
The second round of the Presidential Elections was held on 5 July.


General elections (17 May 1992)
General elections were held in Ecuador on 17 May 1992.


Local Elections (01 Dec 1991)
In Bolivia, Municipal Elections were held in 1991.


Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (27 Oct 1991)
Argentina's 1991 Legislative Elections were held between August and December during which half of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation was renewed, all the governors, as well as numerous positions at the provincial and municipal levels, such as half of the Deliberative Council of the City of Buenos Aires. The election took place on four different dates: Sunday 11 August, Sunday 8 September, Sunday 27 October and Sunday 1 December. 


Legislative / Parliamentary Elections (27 Oct 1991)
The Legislative Elections of 1991 were held in compliance with the provisions of the political constitution sanctioned on July 4, 1991, with which Congress was revoked and the election of a new parliament was called for Sunday, October 27 of that same year.


Local Elections (27 Oct 1991)
Local Elections


Local Elections (26 May 1991)
On 26 May 1991, the first free and democratic municipal elections were held in Paraguay.

El Salvador

Local Elections (10 Mar 1991)
On March 10, 1991 Municipal Elections were held in El Salvador.